The simple genius of Chip Kelly’s approach

Chip Kelly tries to score.

That sounds dumb. That sounds simple. It sounds like what every coach tries to do.

It isn’t.

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The Saints and their upcoming personnel changes

The Saints lost to the Rams 27-16 in St. Louis on Sunday, in a game in which starting tackle Charles Brown was repeatedly abused by All-Galaxy defensive end Robert Quinn, and where kicker Garrett Hartley had a 39-yard field goal blocked because he hit it low and shanked a 29-yarder late in the game to abort the Saints’ comeback attempt.

When I first drafted this post, I titled it “Do the Saints need to make personnel changes?” and intended to address what they might do about Brown and Hartley, but then head coach Sean Payton announced that said changes were coming, and subsequently benched Brown for rookie Terron Armstead and waived Hartley, signing veteran Shayne Graham the next day.

So instead, I’ll look at why these changes happened and what we might expect from the new guys.

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On Gary Kubiak and the Texans’ Next Move

Last Thursday, the Texans lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars to drop to 2-11, all eleven losses coming in a row. The next day, Gary Kubiak was fired.

Houston is my adopted hometown and I’ve lived here through most of Kubiak’s tenure. Here now is a look back on the good and the bad, why he was fired, and what the Texans need to do going forward.

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The Transition from Michael Vick to Nick Foles

In 196 attempts Nick Foles has solidified himself as the Eagles starter, likely for the long term. His bulk numbers are at a level that no second year quarterback has done in 29 years. Beyond the 19 touchdowns to no interceptions what is more impressive about Foles season is forcing Chip Kelly’s hand with Vick. Vick was having a fairly good year throwing and added a very good dimension to the rush offense. What Foles has lacked in rushing he has made up for in passing.

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