Offseason Review: Kansas City Chiefs

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With 2012, the chapter was closed on a Kansas City Chiefs lesson the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and Denver Broncos already learned: Hiring someone from Bill Belichick’s crew to run your personnel department results in terrible talent evaluation and decision more often than not made for ego gratification as for putting the best team on the field. Kansas City fired GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel at the end of 2012, a 2-14 team season where the team’s six Pro Bowl players only served to underscore just how bad the rest of the roster had gotten under Pioli (and how completely disengaged Crennel had become from his job).

Owner Clark Hunt moved quickly: He hired Andy Reid as soon as reasonably possible and plucked John Dorsey from Green Bay’s scouting department to be his GM. The two men, both possessed of solid credentials, went straight to work building the team in their image.

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Jaguars fans have reason for optimism

Earlier this month, Forbes published a profile of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, who bought the team last January, and details his approach for making the team both profitable and good at football.

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A look at Arizona’s All-Pro LB, Daryl Washington

All right, here is part two of my infinite-part series breaking down players. By request I’ll be looking at Daryl Washington from the Arizona Cardinals. I knew nothing about him, but I saw that he was a second-team All-Pro this season. I’ve broken down four plays featuring him:

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Is Christian Ponder doomed because of his arm?

All right, this is the first writeup in a series I’ll be doing looking at NFL players on tape and evaluating the questions around their performance and potential. We’re starting with Minnesota QB Christian Ponder and the simple question: Does he have the arm strength to be able to compete in the NFL? Let’s just dive right into this:

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Who is this Needle77?

I’ll be posting a few writeups I have over the next few days. But before doing so I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I’m Needle and the one who’s voice can be heard in a few of those early posts where we discussed the playoffs. I am a former Division 2 player and undergraduate assistant. I also was a graduate assistant at a conference champion FCS school. Since then I’ve been working in the high school ranks with a top team in the state of NJ who this past season extended the state’s longest active winning streak by winning their 3rd state title not having lost a game since November ’09.

I consider myself a lifelong football learner. I love to breakdown film and look at plays. Football has been something I’ve been directly involved with for the past 21 years of my life. So I hope to bring some of that little bit of knowledge I have to you. I’ll be breaking down game tapes, looking at college players, discussing all things NFL/NCAAF or whatever else football has to offer.

Evaluating the first week of free agency, Part 1

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Even though every NFL fan wants to talk about and evaluate free agent signings, and wants opinions on how well their team handled the process, it can be unproductive to call teams “winners” and “losers” at this point in the offseason. (Remember two years ago, when we all thought Philadelphia were huge winners for the “Dream Team” signings? Now everyone involved is out of a job.) That said, I’m going to try anyway. Continue reading