I’m sure you were just thinking, “The world needs another football blog.” We’re hoping our unique and comprehensive approach to football analysis will give you a worthwhile reason to come back.

Our two main contributors approach the game from different points of view. Nath is a professional gambler and freelance writer who analyzes the game from both a statistical and observational standpoint. Needle has years of coaching experience at the high school and college level and uses his knowledge of scheme and technique to break down film and analyze players and coaches. We also have a team of contributing writers who specialize in breaing down film on draft prospects, but who will also write on other topics, from coaching hires to their own gambling plays.

We analyze matchups, individual players, coaching decisions, front-office decisions, and more. You’ll be able to find video analysis, podcasts, and columns on this site.

Enjoy. We do; in the end, we’re mostly some guys who love football.

Longer bios to come.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey guys, really enjoyed your draft break down, very detailed and a good read. Would you guys be interested in contributing your work to another sports blog? We have a football site in our sports network (which gets over 100,000 hits per month and growing) at ditkainabox.com and would love to see your work over there. You would fit right in. Let me know if you are interested at rapideyemedia.org@gmail.com

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