Podcast with Inside the Pylon: Saints Talk

Once again doing a little crossover work with our friends at Inside the Pylon, I appeared on their Thursday podcast to talk about the Saints’ struggles. You can listen here.

(I apologize in advance for the excess of “Ummmmm”s. Even being prepared doesn’t help me in the morning.)

I didn’t get to cover everything I think about the Saints’ prospects for this season and beyond, so I’m hoping to do so in a future column.

ZoneReads LIVE MockCast Tonight

As a special treat for our loyal readers, viewers, and listeners, we’ve managed to get the whole team together tonight to record a first-round mock draft podcast. We’ll divvy up the picks, we’ll make trades, we’ll shout over each other when we disagree on something.

You can watch the podcast live at 10 PM Eastern on Needle’s Twitch channel. If you can’t make it to the live podcast, don’t worry: we’ll record it and release versions of both audio + video and just-audio for you tomorrow.

Tune in then! If you watch live, you’ll be able to leave us questions and comments in the channel chat as well.

Below, you can find the spreadsheet where we’ll track all of these picks.

Zone Reads Cross-Promotion: Hear Nath Talk Basketball

Rob at advanced-analysis basketball blog Points Per Possession and I recorded a podcast previewing the Houston Rockets’ upcoming season. Being a longtime Rockets fan, as well as a particular fan of Daryl Morey’s work as GM, I had a lot to say about the team’s prospects in 2013-14, especially now that all the pieces seem to be in place for Morey’s grand plan to build a title contender.

We recorded this in August, so it’s possible not all of the information on it is totally up-to-date. On the other hand, it’s possible I will look even more prescient about the Rockets’ prospects. There’s only one way to find out: Listen here!