On Gary Kubiak and the Texans’ Next Move

Last Thursday, the Texans lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars to drop to 2-11, all eleven losses coming in a row. The next day, Gary Kubiak was fired.

Houston is my adopted hometown and I’ve lived here through most of Kubiak’s tenure. Here now is a look back on the good and the bad, why he was fired, and what the Texans need to do going forward.

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Houston Texans week 7: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

With the Saints on a bye, I chose to focus my viewing attention on the Texans this week, for many reasons. Primarily, of course, I was interested to see game one of The Case Keenum Experiment and how that change affected the team. A brief writeup on the Texans’ last 24 hours, after the jump…

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