Final Big Board Update

Just made a few minor changes to the big board in preparation for tonight’s event.  We’ve been trying to get as clear a picture as possible, so we’re doing film work on guys we haven’t seen and double-checking some guys just in case we missed something.

We’ve moved down Keith McGill — his age is a concern (25 already) and he made a couple bad mistakes on the film I watched vs. Colorado. Paul Richardson beats him deep even though he’s playing about ten yards off the ball, and on another fourth-down play McGill gets caught staring into the backfield and gets beaten for a touchdown. Also not as quick to change direction / flip his hips as I’d like to see.

We moved up Matt Patchan — his injury concerns are why he’s so low but his tape is good– and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif.

We’ve added Shamiel Gary at safety — tremendous closing speed. I moved up Vinnie Sunseri as well; not much, but I really like his open-field running ability and moves, as well as both his form tackling and willingness to tackle. I think he could be a special teams star in a couple of years, as both a returner and gunner.

Made a few other minor tweaks you’ll notice.

See you all in three hours.


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