Our latest, possibly final mock

It might be unfair to call vixticator and myself the biggest draft junkies on the Zone Reads team, but we’re definitely the two with the most free time necessary to dive down the rabbit holes of draft possibilities. In preparation for our final big board, which will be released shortly before the draft (and which we are continually updating, as we find out more information on certain prospects, develop more certainty of opinion regarding others, and even today, discover prospects we hadn’t seen before), vix and I pulled an Ironman and went through all 256 picks over two days.

We tried to project realistic trades– not trades we think will happen, but trades that could happen– and tried to draft in part based on our perception of what teams will do (which is why Teddy Bridgewater isn’t a top-two selection) as well as our own opinions of prospects.

The complete draft is below. Vix took the odd-numbered picks; I took the even ones. Leave any questions for us in the comments.

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